Membership Policies

Chamber Membership Policies

General Information

Chambers of Commerce in the US operate almost exclusively as non-profit entities known as 501(c)(6) corporations. Unlike charities, these 501(c)(6) non-profits have the authority under state and federal tax rules to represent their members in public policy debates. They may lobby and take positions on actual or proposed legislation, subject to local, state and federal laws. Chambers may legally endorse candidates for public office and/or ballot propositions (but most do not). The use of general fund revenues for chamber political and lobbying purposes is strictly regulated.

Automatic Membership Dues Renewal

  • Dues are invoiced annually. It is our policy that members are invoiced each year as they were invoiced in the immediate prior year. If you wish to add or drop services or do not wish to renew your membership, please contact the Chamber office with your updated information before your next billing cycle.
  • Your billing cycle can be changed if your current cycle does not work for your business.

Payment Terms & Collections

  • The Chamber’s payment terms are Due Upon Receipt.
  • Payments can be made via cash, check, online or call with credit card number.
  •  Stored credit card number: The Chamber can securely store your credit card number for automatic payment of Chamber transactions. If you wish to take advantage of this service, please fill out the enclosed authorization form and return it to the Chamber office.
  • To pay online:

1 - login to the Membership Information Center via

2 - click on Account Settings

3 - click on Billing

4 - Use the "make additional payment" option and type invoice numbers or other comments into the comment field. You will NOT see your invoices listed. You are always welcome to call the Chamber office to make a payment.

  • Collections:

-  Payment is expected upon receipt of invoices. Please contact the Chamber bookkeeper if you need to make other arrangements.

 - A statement of account will be emailed after 30 days outstanding.

 - A phone call or letter will go out to member businesses after dues are 45 days outstanding.

- For outstanding membership dues over 60 days, members are automatically deactivated.

Event Terms

  • In general, due to commitments to our vendors and caterers, the Chamber requires pre-registration and payment in advance for admission to all Chamber events. Chamber event fees (regardless of attendance) are refundable only if a cancellation notice is received prior to the event. Each event email invitation or reminder lists the cancellation deadline. The deadline will also be listed on the Chamber website.

  - Chamber luncheons: members may register for a NO LUNCH at no cost; however, beginning October 1, 2015, since our luncheons usually sell out and we often turn people away, members will be invoiced if they do not cancel or attend even with a NO LUNCH reservation.

 - Table handouts at Chamber luncheons are reserved for speakers and sponsors only.

  •  In general, for special events where guests are invited (such as our golf tournament, annual gala and silent auctions), non-members cannot be invoiced directly. Payment must be received before the event, or in the case of silent auction items, must be paid before leaving the event.


The Chamber reserves the right to photograph individuals at Chamber events and post the pictures on the website, in our eNewsletter or in any printed publications. By attending Chamber events there is a possibility that your picture may be included on our website, social media, the eNewsletter or used elsewhere.