Government Affairs

The Government Affairs Committee meets the 3rd Monday of every month

12:00 p.m. - 1:00 p.m.

Government Affairs Committee

Legislative Positions 2021


Transportation is crucial to Idaho's economy and further delays will not only strangle Idaho's economic vitality, but will result in passing the problems to future generations. Accordingly, the Meridian Chamber of Commerce supports the following projects and funding mechanisms for transportation infrastructure:

  • Capacity improvements to Highway 20/26 west of Eagle Road to reduce congestion, improve safety, and create economic opportunity for development
  • Construction of Linder overpass at I-84 to provide additional arterial north/south access to the city State Highway 16 Extension/Central Valley Expressway
  • using a multi-faceted approach for finding funding sources including registration fees, fuels taxes, and other user fees
  • Support the continuation of investigating other means to fund alternative transportation without negatively impacting the General Fund

Economic Development 

The Meridian Chamber favors legislation that creates jobs, reduces regulation on businesses, encourages businesses to grow and prosper, and makes it easier for businesses to provide goods and services for our citizens and trade.

  • Support the tax Reimbursement Incentive and its efforts to stimulate economic development
  • Support the exploration of local business incentives
  • Support local option tax authority and mechanisms for funding infrastructure associated with new growth including impact fees
  • Support legislation that improves access to the liquor licenses for restaurants while working to maintain the value of legacy liquor licenses


The Meridian Chamber supports a tax structure which is fair, stable, provides adequately for those services the government must provide, and encourages investment by businesses and individuals in the growth of our economy.

  •  Support the review and potential elimination of sales tax exemptions
  • Support reduction of state corporate income tax rates to increase competitiveness with other states
  • Support modifications to state sales tax distribution formula to local government using a population based model


The Meridian Chamber supports efforts to expand capabilities of our K-12 schools to graduate all students with the necessary skills to successfully complete college and/or career/technical education (CTE), including emphasis on Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM). State supported colleges and universities need to provide the relevant curriculum and the trained workforce required if Idaho businesses are to effectively compete in the global marketplace.

  • Support recommendations of Governor's Education Task Force to implement 5th year of the career ladder funding formula
  • Support a mechanism for Idaho schools by which new growth contributes to the building needs associated with student enrollment
  • Support recommendations from the Interim Committee on Public Schools Funding Formula*
  • Support expansion of CWI's Canyon County and on-line campuses


The Meridian Chamber supports limited government involvement in the healthcare system and a reduction in the mandates that are placed on employers

  • Support implementation of Proposition 2 language that expands Medicaid to eliminate in gap population and makes services available to residents
  • Support efforts to fund substance abuse treatment programs

Local Government 

The Meridian Chamber supports measures that enhance the amenities of our community to make Meridian a great place to live, work, and raise families.

  • Support the reduction of the 'super majority" requirement to a 60% approval rate for the passage of the local bond issue
  • Protect the ability of communities to utilize Urban Renewal and Auditorium Districts
  • Support efforts to limit annexation by one City to another City's Areas of City Impact without prior consent
  • Support legislation to eliminate the four year journeyman requirement in order to perform electrical inspections in Idaho