Mayor’s Message to Business Community

May 2023 Chamber Newsletter

May is Small Business Month where we all pay a little extra attention to our startups and small businesses. Why do we do this? Well the answer is simple: You create jobs, stimulate growth, support families and community activities, and shape our city's character.

Over the last several years as I’ve attended a lot of ribbon cuttings and have met hundreds of people who are taking that chance to be a new business owner. It is because of these individuals we have seen more businesses open and thousands of jobs created in our community. You are the backbone of Meridian and the Chamber of Commerce so let me say thank you.

In fact, at a ribbon cutting for the Mike Brown Group on Cinco de Mayo, Mike introduced us all to the duo that is starting up Idaho In A Box - Porter and Ian. These two high school students from Mountain View are some of the newest entrants into the small business community. Not only are they growing their company, but the products they provide come from other Idaho companies – I suspect a majority of which fall into the small business category. Mike was so impressed, that he took his event and used it to help them grow their business. It was a great celebration the business partnerships in Meridian and of what Small Business Month is all about!

As a City, we are committed to helping small businesses connect to resources provided at the community, state, and federal levels. We want to help you navigate the sometimes-complex network of government resources. One such set of resources is the various Small Business Administration (SBA) programs available to you. Dan Torres and Julia Garafalo – our new Business Liaison – are your connection to local SBA staff and programs.

One thing we know about small businesses is that they may start small, but they can grow quickly as we have seen happen here in Meridian. But maybe now it’s your turn. If you're thinking about expanding your business from growing your staff to building your own building, please don't hesitate to reach out to Dan or Julia as they are here to help you succeed. Our Economic Development team and the staff in our Community Development Department, can provide you with the guidance and resources you need to make informed decisions about expanding your business. They can assist you in identifying potential locations for expansion, navigating the permitting process, and connect you with resources that can help make your expansion a success.

Ultimately, our goal at the City of Meridian is to create a supportive environment for small businesses to grow and thrive without unnecessary regulation. Our partnership with the Chamber of Commerce is strong and our commitment to meeting, connecting small businesses with resources, and participating in ribbon cuttings are steadfast. Together, we can keep Meridian thriving and make a difference in our community.

Mayor Robert Simison