Business Member

Business Member - $725

(includes "All Member + Associate Member Benefits" PLUS...)

  • Preferred Vendor Status - Our commitment as a Chamber is to utilize our Preferred Vendors for all our business needs.
  • Chamber Board Eligibility - Our Board leads and guides the activities of the Chamber and plays a major role in influencing the support of our member businesses.
  • Choose Meridian Website Listing - This unique site is a Go-To destination site for the Travel and Tourism Industry, Real Estate Research, and Corporate Relocation needs.
  • Event Tickets - ($200-$250 value)
    • 2 Scholarship Awards Luncheon Tickets
    • 2 Small Business Awards Luncheon Tickets
    • 2 Holiday Luncheon Tickets
  • Committee Participation
    • Ambassador Committee
    • Economic Development Committee
    • Government Affairs Committee
    • Leadership Development Committee